Befesa and its people

Training and development

An ever-changing environment requires permanently up-to-date knowledge. Being fully aware of this, Befesa has invested in over 23,000 hours of training. Of all these hours, 40% were spent on safety and hygiene training.

Befesa's training plan is not its only means of detecting areas of improvement for its employees. The Management Review Process, which analyses strategic skills important to the company (commitment, leadership, decision-making, strategic vision and results orientation), allows us to both assess the development of these skills in our professionals and also to identify, through open questions, which skills can be improved by means of specific actions.

The same process also helps us to detect employees with the potential to take on new responsibilities that will ensure the company is always prepared to cover any vacancies, when required.

A vital element of the Management Review Process is the feedback the supervisor gives to the employee being appraised, which can be used to establish a personal improvement plan.