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Befesa closes resource loops by collecting hazardous waste and residues,
recycling them and reintroducing valuable materials into the production process.

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Our sustainable

Befesa is a vital part of the circular economy providing sustainable solutions to its customers.


the consumption of natural resources and prevent around 2 million tonnes of residue from reaching landfills each year


hazardous residues from secondary steel and aluminium producers


valuable materials from previously used products using best available technology


the recovered materials into the market

Befesa’s business model is based on a full-service approach to offering waste management solutions to its customers in the steel and aluminium industries.

The services cover the timely and efficient collection and treatment of hazardous waste and residues – mainly steel dust and salt slags – from customers’ facilities.

Sustainability and environmental regulations have been the main growth driver for Befesa in the past 30 years

and it will remain the main growth driver in the future as new geographies in the world adopt stringent environmental legislations.

In this context, Befesa’s business model has proven to be both beneficial for the protection of the environment, while at the same time enjoying profitable growth.

There are two main megatrends that underpin Befesa’s growth:


Environmental regulation

Befesa operates in regulated markets by offering its customers efficient technologies to manage their hazardous waste in the steel and aluminium industries

Ongoing increase in regulation creates opportunities for Befesa to enter new markets like in the past Turkey or South Korea, and now China. In the future many other countries will adopt environmental regulation


Increasing importance of secondary production in metals market

As economies develop over time, there is an increasing availability of steel and aluminium scrap, which is the raw material of
Befesa’s customers

Befesa benefits from an increase in the secondary production of steel and aluminium, who are ultimately its customer base creating economic and environmental benefits

Critical environmental recycling services

In the Steel Dust Recycling Services segment, Befesa collects and recycles steel dust and other steel residues generated in the production of crude, stainless and galvanised steel in EAF.

Steel services

In the Salt Slags operations of Befesa’s Aluminium Salt Slags Recycling Services segment, Befesa recycles salt slags that are collected from customers for a service fee. Further salt slags are generated during the production of secondary aluminium at Befesa’s plants.

Additionally, Befesa produces secondary aluminium alloys from aluminium residues.

Aluminium services