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In order to achieve this goal, Befesa relies on state-of-the-art technology, but above all, on highly qualified employees, because the former can only be achieved with the latter.

Employ the best professionals who are motivated and always possess up-to-date knowledge.

Pay staff according to the principles of internal equality and value contribution.

Foster a safe working atmosphere that facilitates physical well-being and professional growth.

Develop social awareness, especially as it relates to issues of diversity and inclusion.

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Are you looking for a meaningful job and ready to put the circular economy into action?
Are you curious about what makes Befesa an outstanding and sustainable employer?
Then take a look at what our employees have to say about their workplace!

If you would like to learn more about Befesa, here is a brief and compact overview with all the important facts and figures that make us stand out as an employer.

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With our effective onboarding process, Befesa helps you to quickly feel part of the team, better understand your role and our company culture, and increase your productivity and performance.
Befesa believes with a good onboarding experience we can engage you directly from the beginning.

Therefore, we established a process to ensure that you have a great first experience with us at Befesa. Besides all of the equipment that will be ready for you on your first day, you will receive our Welcome Book that includes our Code of Conduct, our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy and much more information.

To make sure your onboarding was successful, we ask for your feedback after 3-4 months. If you are doing an internship or apprenticeship with us, you will receive our feedback form after just 2 months.

Of course, your supervisor’s feedback is also very important to us, so they will receive our online questionnaire at the same time as you.


An ever-changing environment requires permanently up-to-date knowledge. Being fully aware of this, Befesa runs every year a training needs analysis. All managers are asked to include the necessary training for their team members.

Befesa’s training plan is not the only means of identifying improvement opportunities for employees. Our annual assessment process, which analyses the strategic competencies that are important to the company. This allows us to both assess the development of these skills and, through open-ended questions, identify which skills can be improved through specific actions.

The same process also helps us to detect employees with the potential to take on new responsibilities that will ensure the company is always prepared to cover any vacancies, when required.

A vital element of the Annual Evaluation Process is the feedback the supervisor gives to the employee being appraised, which can be used to establish a personal improvement plan. In this conversation, the development of the person and how Befesa can support this development is key.

In addition, every Befesa facility also has her own evaluation process for the production employees.


Befesa has a competitive, market-compatible remuneration system based on professionalism and that is in line with the principle of equality. It does not tolerate any type of discrimination based on personal, physical or social differences, nor does it permit inequalities in our employees’ remuneration or chances of promotion.

The system combines a fixed retribution in function of responsibilities, variable retribution tied in with the company’s results and various other benefits.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Befesa is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion throughout its workforce, while actively eliminating all forms of discrimination. In 2020, Befesa took a significant step forward by reviewing and adapting its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy to make it more in line with evolving social dynamics and the company’s unique characteristics. This policy is communicated annually through mandatory compliance training to ensure that every employee is well-informed and committed to its principles.

To further increase the reach of the commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, the policy has been translated into all Befesa languages. It is posted on whiteboards in the plants and is available on the intranet, making it easily accessible to all employees. This underscores Befesa’s unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace culture that celebrates diversity, ensures equity, and promotes an inclusive environment.

safety at the working place

Health and safety is an integral part of Befesa’s business. Befesa is committed to the continuous improvement of its health and safety performance and is convinced that this focus contributes to achieving operational excellence.

Befesa is strongly committed to keeping all its employees safe and looking after their well-being. Befesa believes that safety is not only about reducing the number of accidents, but also about increasing employees’ satisfaction at work, their engagement and their productivity.



Befesa truly contributes to improving local communities and societies. The Company considers the needs and interests of local communities and the consequences of Befesa´s actions on the social system to be an essential business obligation. Considering this, Befesa is developing different projects within the fields of environment, sports and culture to continue building excellent neighbourhoods where Befesa is present.

Befesa is fully involved in new humanitarian, educational, cultural and sports projects that take place year after year. From its most recurring projects as is Befesa Charity Project Contest to new initiatives that involve employees to be part of a positive impact on society.

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