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Befesa’s recycling plants are strategically located across Europe, Asia and North America.

Befesa’s Vision

Befesa aims to be the global leader in the management and recycling of hazardous residues to the steel and aluminium industries by continuing to play a growing role in a more sustainable world and the circular economy.

Befesa’s Strategy

Befesa focuses on achieving its goals by developing improvements in existing technologies, optimising operations and product quality, and increasing efficiency whilst investing in organic growth and scaling up its proven business model into new and emerging markets.

Befesa’s Business

Befesa’s business is to provide sustainable solutions to the steel and aluminium industries through servicing and recycling hazardous residues generated in the value chains of secondary steel and aluminium producers. Befesa focuses its core efforts on recycling hazardous residues: crude steel dust, salt slags and SPL. Befesa has been a part of the circular economy for more than three decades.

Befesa’s Principles

Befesa places a strong emphasis on its social responsibility and helps to create a sustainable world.
Befesa focuses on the following principles:

Health & safety

Environmental protection

Client focus

Operational excellence


Integrity & transparency

Highly qualified employees

Our strategy

Befesa has the ambition of being the global circular economy leader, providing steel dust and aluminium salt slags recycling services to steel and aluminium recyclers.

Our history

In order to achieve this, Befesa has a
business plan with three main pillars:

A key element of Befesa’s business model for the last 20 years to manage zinc price volatility and increase the visibility of its earnings and cash flow going forward, enabling to fund its organic growth.

Befesa continues to execute its organic growth project pipeline and focuses on growing its core environmental service activities and maintaining the leadership position in the markets where it currently operates.

Expanding Befesa’s position in steel dust and salt slags recycling services by replicating its business model in new markets that present attractive dynamics, with a combination of environmental regulation and hazardous residue generation (crude steel dust, aluminium salt slags and SPL).

The Befesa value chain

Critical services for steel and aluminium producers


The Board of Directors of Befesa S.A. is firmly committed to the principles of transparent, responsible and value-based management and supervision. The standards of good corporate governance have a high priority at Befesa and good corporate governance is a basis for all activities.

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