Befesa and its people

Employee testimonials

Laura Ribera Ramírez

Laura Ribera Ramírez (Plant Director at Befesa Salzschlacke)

I work for Befesa as the Plant Manager of the Salt Slags Plant in Hanover, where we recycle waste generated by the production of secondary aluminium. I lead a team of over 50 people and I am responsible for planning, controlling and optimizing the process. As a chemical engineer, I decided to join Befesa because it is an international company with many prospects in the industrial waste management and with a remarkable sustainable policy.

Xiao Fu

Xiao Fu (Managing Director at Befesa China Investment)

After obtaining a Master’s in engineering in 2010, I had the opportunity to work for Befesa Steel Services GmbH and relocated to Bejing, China to explore the market there.

The rapid development of the steel industry in China, the increasing focus on environmental protection provides great potential for the steel recycling technology we offer.

Befesa is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally friendly industrial development, which is undoubtedly something I would like to contribute to and would like to offer to customers all over the word and especially in China.

Kasey Lee

Kasey Lee (Managing Director at Befesa Zinc Korea)

Majoring in International Business at Korean University and 14 years of experience with zinc smelter, I joined Befesa in 2012. Then, I was concerned about how I would adapt as an Asian to a company structured around western culture. Would I make the successful transition to be part of Befesa? Now, I am pleased to say, that all my initial concerns turned out to be unfounded.

It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such talented colleagues, and at times, the workplace can feel like I am with my family. Undeniably, Befesa is an essential part of life, and has become an important family member for my team and me. Befesa is always there for us, motivating us and encouraging every one of my employees to utilize their passion and skills to the fullest. There is never a moment in my day where I feel isolated in the workplace, as Befesa is always there to assist me in facing any challenges together.

Alessandro Barzasi

Alessandro Barzasi (Industrial Director at Befesa Valera and Befesa Gravelines)

I started in Duisburg (2010) as an engineer, in charge for the construction of the Befesa Zinc Gravelines plant. Since 2012 I am Plant Director (in charge of production, maintenance and logistic) of Befesa Valera and Befesa Zinc Gravelines. I enjoy my work, as it allows me to have a global overview on several technical issues, but also on personnel management, operational/investment budget management, etc.

I appreciate a lot to work with people that strive every day to achieve their targets and to discuss with them about work related issues in a frank and respectful way. 

Özlem Akman

Özlem Akman (Health, Safety & Environmental Manager at Befesa Silvermet Iskenderun)

I graduated from Çukurova University, Environmental Engineering Department.  Since 2009, I have been working for Befesa Silvermet İskenderun as a HSE Chief Engineer.

By recycling hazardous waste, Befesa makes a significant contribution to sustain the natural resources on the world. I am very proud to contribute to the studies for continuous improvement targets of Befesa about Safety & Environment.

Carlos Silvestre

Carlos Silvestre (Production Manager at Befesa Zinc Aser)

After finishing my studies in Industrial Engineering at Bilbao's Higher Technical School of Engineering, I started working in an engineering firm called “Sisteplant”, part of the IBV group, where my true learning of the industrial environment began.

Some years later, I moved to Befesa as a Process Engineer, where today, fifteen years later, I am still working.

Currently I am Production Manager at Befesa Zinc Aser, where my team and I set the guidelines for the optimal processing of the steel dust generated in the different steel mills used in our steel production, using pyro and hydrometallurgical processes to recover its zinc content.

Furthermore, I think Befesa is an excellent company to work for, as it is a reliable company, working to apply the best technologies in its sector. This makes the company an international benchmark in the treatment of industrial waste and contributes to the sustainable development of the environment by recovering valuable raw materials through the revaluation of industrial waste, conserving and guaranteeing natural resources for future generations.