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Cristina Narbona starts-up the Los Manueles Hydroelectric Power Station

On September 5, the minister for the Environment, Cristina Narbona, brought the Los Manueles Hydroelectric Power Station into operation. The station is included as part of the works of the Negratin-Almanzora Connection, through a 120 km pipeline that allows up to 50 Hm3 a year to be transported between both basins with a 2 m3/sec. flow.

The ceremony was also attended by Francisco Núñez (Head of the Southern Regional Office) and Adrián Baltanás (Director General) of Acuamed, and Guillermo Bravo and José Marañón in representation of CTA.

There are two hydroelectric power stations on the Negratín-Almanzora connection, one at Tijola and the other at Huércal-Overa, both designed for the compensation of energy costs on the drive and the rest of the installation. With the commissioning of both hydroelectric power stations a specific production of almost 1.2 kW/hr per cubic meter is estimated. The activity has been developed by the Ministry of the Environment's company Acusur, currently called Acuamed.

The Los Manueles Hydroelectric Power Station is equipped with a vertical axis Pelton type turbine fitted with four injectors for a 1.8 m3/sec. nominal flow. The 6.6 kV generator produces 2.9 MW exploiting a 185 m net fall from a double reservoir. The Tijola Power Station is similar to that of Los Manueles, but produces 5.2 MW due to a 301 m net fall and a 2m3/sec. nominal flow.

In addition to the mini power stations, Befesa has also constructed the drive pipeline from Negratín reservoir itself and executed the water transfer's telecontrol system for the Negratín-Almanzora connection.