Management Systems


Befesa works at all times to protect the environment in which it carries out its activities. To achieve this, Befesa identifies and controls the effects of its activities in order to minimise their impact on the environment, using technologies to prevent, mitigate or rectify any such impact.

In order to ensure that its environmental objectives and sustainability commitments are fully met, every member of the organisation must be aware of the environmental impact of their work activities and must have successfully undergone the appropriate training. At Befesa, all environmental training is included as part of the general training of the group. Each company has an annual training plan and in addition the effectiveness of the training is assessed too.

The objective of Befesa is the implementation of environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and the European EMAS regulation, which enable the continuous monitoring of the possible impact of its activities on the environment. The environmental statements of all companies that have successfully achieved EMAS certification are freely available on the Befesa website ( Befesa has also established specific objectives within this framework to reduce the potentially negative environmental impacts of each company's products and services. These objectives include a reduction in the consumption of natural resources and a reduction in the generation of waste and emissions.

All activities associated with environmental aspects that are deemed to be significant are covered by a corresponding monitoring and measurement plan and an operational control programme.