Management Systems

Greenhouse gas emissions

Befesa calculates its carbon footprint, which allows it to identify the opportunities for emission reductions and in turn to make both energy and economic savings.

Befesa has implemented and certified the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions in line with ISO 14064. This standard of reference:

  • Makes it easier to quantify greenhouse gases.
  • Enables transparent and credible measurements.
  • Reinforces and improves relations with interested parties.
  • Allows the individualisation of responsibilities and obligations related to the management of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Makes it easier to design strategies and plans for managing greenhouse gas emissions as well as complying with obligatory programmes or promoting voluntary participation in ways of reducing emissions.
  • Makes it easier to manage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and allows global comparison, due to the fact that it has a regulatory framework at an international level.
  • Allows an organisation to demonstrate its environmental commitment in the face of climate change.

Certified companies (ISO 14064)

Steel Dust Recycling Services


  • Befesa Zinc Freiberg
  • Befesa Zinc Duisburg


  • Befesa Scandust


  • Befesa Valera

South Korea

  • Befesa Zinc Korea


  • Befesa Zinc Aser
  • Befesa Zinc Oxido


  • Befesa Silvermet Iskenderum

Aluminium Salt Slags Recycling Services


  • Befesa Salzschlacke

United Kingdom

  • Befesa Salt Slags


  • Befesa Aluminio
  • Befesa Escorias salinas


  • Befesa Aluminium Germany