Management Systems

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a valuable means reducing primary energy consumption and also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a cost- effective way and thereby to mitigate climate change.

Shifting to more energy-efficient services should also accelerate the development of innovative technological and sustainable services and improve the competitiveness of Befesa.

To address these challenges, Befesa has implemented an energy efficiency system, based on the International Standard ISO 50001:2011 “Energy Management Systems” which will enable the company to follow a systematic approach in achieving continuous improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

The application of this standard also contributes to more efficient use of available energy sources, to enhance competitiveness and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts.

ISO 50001:2011 is based on the plan- Do- Check- Act (PDCA) continual improvement framework. The PDCA approach can be outlined in Befesa as follows:

  • Plan: Befesa´s companies conduct energy reviews and establish the baseline, energy performance indicators, objectives, targets and action plans necessarily to deliver results that will improve energy performance in accordance with the organisation´s energy policy.
  • Do: implement the energy management action plan
  • Check: monitor and measure processes and the key characteristics of operations that determine energy performance against the energy policy and objectives and report the results.
  • Act: take actions to continually improve energy performance and the energy management system.
  • Do: implement the energy management action plan

Certified companies (ISO 50001)

Steel Dust Recycling Services


  • Befesa Zinc Duisburg


  • Befesa Valera

South Korea

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  • Befesa Zinc Oxido


  • Befesa Silvermet

Aluminium Salt Slags Recycling Services


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  • Befesa Aluminium Germany

United Kingdom

  • Befesa Salt Slags


  • Befesa Aluminio
  • Befesa Escorias salinas