Whistleblowing Channel

Whistleblowing Channel

Compliance with laws and internal regulations to avoid legal risks and their consequences is a top priority at Befesa.

Actions and conditions that may endanger Befesa and its related third parties must be detected before being carried out. We encourage you – as employee or external partner – to bring Befesa awareness of them through our Whistleblowing Channel while keeping your anonymity and confidentiality.

Help Befesa. Help yourself.

What for?

The Whistleblowing Channel allows you to report any action against Befesa causing:

  1. Anti-competitive behavior
  2. Corruption, bribery, conflict of interest
  3. Fraud, falsification of documents
  4. Illegal payments, money laundering
  5. Non-compliance of environmental regulation
  6. Harassment at workplace
  7. Unfair employment practices
  8. Other criminal matters


  1. Get concerned about Compliance with laws and regulations
  2. Detect dangerous activities and categorize them
  3. Access the Whistleblowing Channel and report
  4. Set up a secured postbox
  5. Help Befesa. Help yourself.

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