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Winners of the V Photography Befesa Competition

We finally know who are the winners of the 5th Befesa Photography Competition. The judging panel based their choices on the composition, creativity and technical qualities of each entry, while unaware of their authors’ identities.

The jury comprised members from Befesa’s corporate services and different business units.

The winners of the first prize, awarded €1000, in each category are:

1. Befesa and nature:

- Salvador Navarro Navarro, from Befesa Plásticos, for his photograph titled "United Materials of Befesa Plásticos". Salvador summarised with, “this beautiful, colourful image reflects the passion with which we carry out our work in the Befesa Plásticos laboratory. A large variety of primary materials, all of them recovered, combined with the magic and creativity of the compounding process, finally give rise to a range of products designed for the market’s most demanding applications. The image represents two of our most important values: Quality and sustainability.”

Salvador Navarro Navarro

2. Befesa and its people

- Arzu Barut, who works for Befesa Sılvermet İskenderun Çelik tozu Geri Dön.A.Ş., for the photograph of the plants’ employees working in the Waelz oven. Arzu reminded us that recycling is essential for the planet and the work of the employees at the Waelz oven is vitally important; the inspiration for the prize winning photo.

Arzu Barut

3. Befesa and its facilities

- Javier Correa Toro, from Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales, for his photo titled “Nerva, puesta de Sol” (Nerva at sunset) which shows us a panoramic view of the Befesa centre at Nerva (Huelva, Spain).

Javier Correa Toro

The jury also selected runners-up in each category, the photographers awarded the second prize of €300 are:

1. Befesa and nature:

- Montserrat Muñoz del Barrio, from Befesa Aluminio in Valladolid (Spain), for her photo “Walking through Befesa”, who explains that “our friend the snail is going for a walk by the aluminium Valladolid facilities in a rainy April”.

Montserrat Muñoz del Barrio

2. Befesa and its people

- Laura Ribera, from Befesa Salzschlacke GmbH in Hannover (Germany), whose entry was called “Fundiendo muestras de aluminio” (Smelting aluminium samples). She explained, “I took the photo during some tests we carried out in Bernburg with some concentrates from Hannover. I particularly like the very intense red inside the oven and the cascade of molten aluminium falling from the mould”

Laura Ribera

3. Befesa and its facilities

- Luis Eduardo Lopez Rodriguez, from Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales, for his photograph “KOMATSU WB97s (Light Painting)”, who told us that “I used a technique called LIGHT PAINTING, or night photography because the photo must be taken in pitch black conditions and at night, which uses lanterns, luminescent threads, remote flashes, gels, etc. to literally “paint with light”. It’s part of the machinery at the Befesa’s centre in Nerva”.

Luis Eduardo Lopez Rodriguez

Congratulations to the winners!