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Befesa Ingeniería Medioambiental will participate in the 3rd Renewable Energies and Water Technologies Fair

From October 5 to 7, the city of Almeria Chamber of Commerce will host the third edition of the Renewable Energies and Water Technologies Fair which will exhibit not only the advances made in new technologies for rational use of water, but also the developments in renewable energies and their role in sustainable development. Exhibitors of the importance of Aguas de la Cuenca Mediterránea (Acuamed) and the Andalusia Energy Agency will participate in the Fair.

Befesa's Environmental Engineering Business Unit will participate in the Fair as an exhibitor and will also participate actively in the conference to be held in parallel entitled the International Conference on Renewable Energies and Water Technologies (CIERTA 2006), to be precise in the theme-field related with desalination and water treatment by means of renewable energies.