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Befesa Plásticos signs a collaboration agreement with the Costa Tropical Pool of Municipal Districts in Granada

Costa Tropical of Granada runs along 100 kilometers of coastline, where there are beaches and nips, agricultural plains and cliff-mountains. With almost 4,000 hectares of crops under greenhouse sheeting, the organized management of the waste plastic generated in the area is of the utmost importance to ensure maximum respect for its wonderful natural surroundings which makes it a privileged tourist destination in Andalusia.

Costa Tropical of Granada’s Pool of Municipal Districts (19 districts) and Befesa Plásticos have signed a collaboration agreement, the objective of which is the management, by Befesa Plásticos, of more than 3,000 tons of agricultural plastic waste generated per year in Costa Tropical, through collaboration between both entities, to improve and ensure the same are executed in accordance with the environmental legislation in force.

Preparations are underway to undertake the challenge of integrally managing the plastic waste that will be generated over the 2005 season (from May to September, mainly). The Clean Points, which are the reception, classification and conditioning centers, for subsequent removal of all the plastic wastes, will cover the agricultural areas of Motril, Carchuna, Calahonda, Castell de Ferro, Gualchos, Rubite, Polopos, Albuñol and La Rábita, among others.

Befesa Plásticos estimates it will receive more than 1,500 tons of plastic materials suitable for recycling at its Murcia center, from which different types of riddlings will be produced, which, after sale, will be used to manufacture films, with construction, irrigation and injection pipes being the main applications. An attempt will be made to valorize the sheeting that is not susceptible to recycling at Befesa Plásticos and the rest will be sent to the Befesa-managed deposits for suitable final storage.