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Befesa participated in the Environmental Innovation and Technology Fair (FITA)

Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, Befesa Fluidos and Codesa participated, in October, in FITA which was organized jointly by FIBES, the Businessmen’s Confederation of Andalusia (CEA), The Sevillian Trade Confederation (CES) and the Businessmen’s Association of the Environmental Sector of Andalusia (AESMA). FITA was held this year in Seville, from October 13th to 16th.

The Fair brought together companies and professionals from the different production sectors that require and offer solutions to the environmental challenges faced by industry, cities, agriculture, tourism, transport, etc. Its objective is to develop greater knowledge and connect the business sectors that offer and demand environmental technology, goods and services.

In addition, Befesa participated this year in the Fair’s Technical Conferences with a paper entitled "Practical experience in desalination. The Carboneras desalination plant, in Almeria". Carboneras is considered to be Spain’s largest desalination plant performing the dual function of town and irrigation water with the capacity to supply 500,000 inhabitants.

The Fair’s philosophy is to demonstrate the potential of Andalusia’s environmental sector thanks to an exchange of commercial experience among companies and the work carried out by institutions and, above all, to show the importance of this sector in Andalusian economy and the products offered by companies to the general public.

The Environmental Innovation and Technology Fair is a great showcase through which to disseminate new technologies in Environmental matter and, at the same time, the activities undertaken in R&D&I.