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Befesa and Telvent will execute a 47.7 million euro contract for an Automatic Hydrological Information System (SAIH) for the river Duero’s catchment area

Madrid, September 27th, 2004. Telvent, Abengoa’s Information Technologies-based real-time global solutions applications subsidiary and, Befesa, Abengoa’s Environmental Services subsidiary, have been awarded a 47.7 million euro contract, together with Ferrovial-Agromán, under a call for bids by the Ministry of the Environment for an Automatic Hydrological Information System (SAIH) in the river Duero’s catchment area, which will enable the management and operation of the catchment area’s hydraulic resources and improve the meteorological information required for flood forecasting and tracking. The objective is their minimization and to achieve maximum control of any possible damages.

The SAIH is a modern real-time information system whose objective is to acquire, transmit and process a series of data related to the catchment area’s hydrological and meteorological conditions as well as the hydraulic infrastructure. This facilitates water resource management and flood prevention and tracking.

The network will consist of a series of control stations that will house the data supply equipment. To this end, 97 water metering stations, 84 rain-gages, 45 canal water metering stations, 16 control frameworks and 13 snow gages will be constructed on a total of 27 reservoirs.

Moreover, five data control centers are to be installed in Burgos, León, Palencia, Salamanca and Valladolid. They will receive information from the Catchment Area’s Data Control Center which will serve as the information and control center for the river Duero’s complete SAIH.

In order to enable optimum functioning of the SAIH, essential instrumentation systems to capture the hydraulic or hydrological variables and, data acquisition, energy and electric protection, remote video and communications systems, will also be installed.

According to Telvent’s Chairman, Manuel Sánchez Ortega, "this contract is further acknowledgement of the successful works carried out by the Company in analogue projects in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru, as well as of the Company’s more than 30 years’ experience in Monitoring and Control Systems in all the activity sectors, which enable it to apply novel solutions to hydrographical catchment area monitoring systems."

In the words of Befesa’s Chairman, Javier Molina Montes, "the contract in an acknowledgement by the Ministry of the Environment of the analogue projects developed for the Guadalquivir, Júcar and Sur Catchment Areas, as well as of the company’s firm dedication to R&D."

Telvent, the Real-Time IT Global company, and Abengoa subsidiary, specializes in high added-value solutions in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and the Environment) in America, Spain and China. (

Befesa, Abengoa’s Environmental Services subsidiary, is listed on the stock exchange and closed the 2003 financial year with a share capital in excess of 355 million euro. Its sales reached 356.5 million euro and profit was 8.4 million euro. Moreover, it managed a total of 1,230,000 tons of industrial waste in 2003. (

Abengoa is an industrial and technology company listed on the Stock Exchange, with a capitalisation of more than 522 million euro (31/12/2003). It provides solutions for Sustainable Development, the Information and Knowledge Society and the Creation of Infrastructures. It currently operates in four large fields of activity: Bio-energy, where it is the world's second bio-ethanol producer; Environmental Services, where it is the leader in Europe in some of the industrial waste market segments; Information Technologies, where it is one of the key players at international level, with operations in Europe, Latin America and Asia; and Industrial Engineering and Construction, where it is leader in Spain and Latin America. (