Management Systems

Occupational health and safety

One of the main priorities of Befesa is to achieve compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

OHSAS 18001 specifies the requirements for a management system for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), which are designed to allow an organisation to control its OHS risks and to improve its compliance with the OHS regulations.

Implementing and certifying a Management System for Occupational Health and Safety in its companies in line with OHSAS enables Befesa:

  • To reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity, identifying, evaluating and controlling the risks associated with each workplace and eliminating the causes of accidents and illnesses at work. The image of a safer environment for employees contributes to a reduction in illnesses and absenteeism, an increase in productivity, a progressive reduction in workplace accidents and a decrease in penalties and unnecessary costs.
  • To comply with legislation regarding prevention, integrating this legislation into the processes of the organisation, which contributes to a reduction in costs and administrative penalties caused by lack of compliance, as well as improving internal management within the organisation and improving relations between employer-employee, company-administration and other interested parties.
  • To promote a culture of prevention by means of the integration of preventative measures into the general system of the company and the commitment of all employees to the constant improvement in compliance with the OHS regulations.

For these reasons, the OHSAS 18001 certification by AENOR is the tool chosen for setting up a suitable Occupational Health and Safety management policy to drive constant improvements.

Certified companies (OHSAS 18001)

Steel Dust Recycling Services


  • Befesa Zinc Freiberg
  • Befesa Zinc Duisburg
  • Befesa Steel Services


  • Befesa Scandust


  • Befesa Valera

South Korea

  • Befesa Zinc Korea


  • Befesa Zinc Aser
  • Befesa Zinc Oxido


  • Befesa Silvermet Iskenderum

Aluminium Salt Slags Recycling Services


  • Befesa Salzschlacke
  • Befesa Aluminium Germany

United Kingdom

  • Befesa Salt Slags


  • Befesa Aluminio
  • Befesa Escorias salinas