Management Systems


Befesa is committed to quality in all its activities and services, both internally and externally. This is not the job of a single group of people or of the management, but requires the participation of the organisation as a whole, putting this aspect into practice in all daily tasks.

With the implementation of a Quality Management System in line with the International Standard ISO 9001, Befesa demonstrates its ability to provide a consistent level of products or services that satisfy the requirements of its clients and the applicable regulations.

This standard promotes the adoption of a process-based approach, as it develops, implements and improves the efficiency of the quality management system, based in turning on the continuous cycle of improvement PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

The main objectives of Befesa in terms of the implementation of a quality management system are:

  • To benefit the development and growth of the company
  • To achieve a process of constant improvement.
  • To increase staff motivation and participation and to improve resource management
  • To improve the quality of the products and services offered to better satisfy the needs of Befesa’s customers.
  • To improve Befesa´s supply chain in order to better our recycling services
  • To serve as a medium for maintaining and improving the efficiency and suitability of the quality management system by demonstrating the areas for improvement.

Certified companies (ISO 9001)

Steel Dust Recycling Services


  • Befesa Zinc Freiberg
  • Befesa Zinc Duisburg
  • Befesa Steel Services


  • Befesa Scandust


  • Befesa Valera

South Korea

  • Befesa Zinc Korea


  • Befesa Zinc Aser
  • Befesa Zinc Oxido


  • Befesa Silvermet Iskenderum

Aluminium Salt Slags Recycling Services


  • Befesa Salzschlacke
  • Befesa Aluminium Germany

United Kingdom

  • Befesa Salt Slags


  • Befesa Aluminio
  • Befesa Escorias salinas