Who are we?

Letter of Befesa´s CEO

Looking back and looking ahead


We are living in a challenging economic climate and a world that seems to be changing by the minute. At Befesa, we have a history of finding opportunity in challenge, and today is no exception.

I’ve seen many changes in the environmental services industry since Befesa started its activities, when I set about to create a new company. It should be one focused on customer needs while fostering teamwork and encouraging sustainability, as well as health and safety protection - in short, a place where people want to come to work in the morning.

Our strength has always been in our local teams combined with a strong customer service focus. I’ve always viewed the leader’s role as providing a strong and stable foundation, the right resources to help our people work effectively, and encouragement for technical innovation. Our people have the regulatory and technical knowledge to meet our clients’ service needs and solve their problems with the highest commitment to safety. That has consistently been the Befesa approach, and it has served us and our clients very well.

Based on our main activities our clients are across many countries. We developed longstanding relationships that supported their environmental programs as their companies evolved, merged, and grew. We expanded with them, moving into new geographic areas and across industrial residues sectors from aluminum, steel and other industrial environmental services. Along the way, we’ve helped companies in diverse market sectors to achieve their environmental program objectives by recycling the residues they produced.

In addition, we constantly work towards the environmental protection in the areas where we operate - focusing on health and safety protection of everybody involved in our activities.

We are excited about the future and the opportunities to bring state of the art technology and services solutions to our clients delivering sustainable results.

Javier Molina,