Who are we?

Befesa and innovation

Befesa’s R&D+i strategy is designed to obtain results and create value by developing new technologies and services solutions, with a strong emphasis on sustainable development.

Befesa’s strategic plan for R&D+i has the objective of being leaders and technologically competitive in providing services for the recycling of hazardous residues of the Steel and Aluminium industry-with its core focus on Steel Dust and Salt Slags and SPL (Spent Pot Lining).

The company Befesa Steel R&D S. L. was created in the steel dust and galvanisation residues recycling area to adapt the organization’s structure to a new model in order to lay the foundations for growth in its different business areas and to transform this growth into a wider range of higher quality services, capable of exceeding market expectations, enhancing both delivered and client-perceived value.

In the aluminium residues recycling area, the company’s R&D+i activities aim to improve the yield in recovering raw materials and aluminium residues; optimise operations processes and product quality; and develop new and better technologies that contribute to sustainable development and enhanced customer service.

One of the pillars of Befesa’s R&D+i strategy is external collaboration, primarily with institutions and universities. Befesa is a founding partner of the Basque Innovation Agency, which seeks to coordinate and promote innovation in the Basque Country. It is also a member of the Labein Tecnalia Foundation, a private technology center with significant business involvement that partners companies in their markets in order to develop their innovative capacity using technology as a tool to increase competitiveness.

It has also undertaken projects in collaboration with the University of Bilbao and the University of Leoben (Austria).