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Congratulations to Carlos Prado, editor for La Sexta Noticias and winner of the 3rd Befesa Environmental Journalism Award

  • The panel have recognised his environmental reports for the channel and also praised the work of Hugo Mario Cárdenas, journalist for the newspaper El País in Colombia, for his investigative work into illegal mining.

Huelva, 20 May 2016. The editor of La Sexta Noticias, Carlos Prada, has been awarded the 3rd Befesa Environmental Journalism Award. The panel lauded a series of environmental reports prepared by the journalist and presented on the channel’s news programmes. The jury also gave a special mention to an article about illegal mining authored by Hugo Mario Cárdenas, journalist for the Colombian newspaper El País.

Befesa, an international specialist in recycling and industrial environmental services, organises this annual award in order to recognise the best piece of environmental journalism published each year via any media. In addition to the commemorative plaque, the award includes a sum of €2,000 for the winner. The prize shall be handed over in Huelva, in mid-June. The gala will be attended by political authorities, businesspersons, unions and media representatives.

The Huelva Press Association (APH) and the Andalusian College of Professional Journalists (CPPA) collaborated with this initiative by forming part of the jury panel. The jury comprised the journalists Eva Navarrete, chairwoman of the CPPA; Rafael Terán, chairman of the APH; and Álvaro Arias, Befesa’s communications expert.

The jury valued Carlos Prado’s (Pontevedra, 1982) ability “to use educational language to rigorously transfer a complex subject matter to viewers with objectivity and simplicity.” The panel added “the variety of sources, the freshness, originality, the use of explanatory visuals and graphics, plus the broad spectrum of topics addressed in his reports captured the audience’s interest and therefore played a role in generating an environmentally conscious society.”

The jury gave a special mention to “Illegal mining, the cancer of Los Farallones”, by Hugo Mario Cárdenas, underlining “the arduous investigative work performed by the journalist and the presentation quality of the material collated.”

This year there were 35 candidates representing 9 countries vying for the award. Spain was represented with publications entered from 10 different autonomous communities. The past winners of the two ceremonies celebrated to date were Alejandra Muñoz and Rafael López, from TVE-Andalucía (2014) for their report into a gas depot project in the Doñana National Park area, and the production team for “75 Minutos” at Canal Sur TV (2015) for two reports about recycling.

For further information: Sebastián García. +34 (0)619074247

Álvaro Arias. +34 (0)605111876

Congratulations to Carlos Prado, editor for La Sexta Noticias and winner of the 3rd Befesa Environmental Journalism Award