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Befesa Zinc Korea completed the 2nd kiln construction and commissioning

The nation's largest recycling capacity

Befesa Zinc Korea which is global company in Cheon-buk industrial complex of Gyeongju successfully completed the construction and commissioning of 2nd kiln on October 09, 2015.

This commissioning were carried out on its own with the support of the Spanish, German engineers from the Befesa group since last September by increasing the dust throughput to 13 tons per hour, and it succeeded to produce 60~62% zinc-containing Waelz Oxide with no critical problems until October 09.

The second kiln was installed by adopting excellent technical experience and know-how from Befesa Group specializing in the waste recycling industry around the world such as Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Turkey, and South Korea. It was known as a more efficient and superior facilities compared to the existing facilities of the first plant.

Befesa Zinc Korea hereby has total 220,000 tons of EAF dust processing capacity per year which is 60~70% of total EAF dust generation in Korea. It is the largest single factory within the group as well as South Korea. Last year, Befesa Zinc Korea treated about 110,000tons of steel dust with its first kiln.

On the other hand, Befesa Zinc Korea has been responding quickly to deal with strong domestic competition for the EAF dust through its global network of the group. In particular, Befesa Zinc group and Befesa Steel service GmbH have been operating logistics and waste management service teams dedicated to transboundary movement and notification process of the waste for a long time.

Befesa Zinc Korea completed the 2nd kiln construction and commissioning