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Befesa Aluminium Germany inaugurates Aluminum-recycling plant in Bernburg (Saale)

Bernburg (Saale), 3 December 2014 – Befesa Aluminium Germany GmbH, founded in 2012 and being part of the international Befesa group, officially inaugurated their first aluminium smelter in Germany on 3 December 2014. Together with the investment company Triton, 150 international guests attended the inauguration ceremony in the 30-million-Euro-plant in the commercial and industrial area of Bernburg-West. With 60 new jobs and, Befesa Bernburg will produce 90.000 tons of aluminum alloys per year for the automobile and packaging industry.

In his opening address, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of the State of Saxony-Anhalt put emphasis on the role of in the framework of the state’s industrial settling policy: “Attracting the high-technology group Befesa shows that our strategy for attracting companies continues to bear fruit. We want to create new, high-quality jobs and strengthen the local economy. I am happy that we have succeeded in doing so again by attracting another investor. ….”

In his welcome note, Roland Oehlschläger, he representative of the foreign investor, Triton, Roland Oelschläger, emphasized in his address the importance of strategic investment in Befesa: "Our motto at Triton is: 'Building better businesses', that is, we want to develop Befesa with this investment in Bernburg, for long-term profitable growth.

Befesa-Chairman of the Board, Romeo Kreinberg, reflected on the importance of aluminum recycling for economy and environment as well as the location in Bernburg: „ In times of scarce resources, the treatment of industrial wastes becomes more and more important. Treating aluminum residues from the aluminum industry is an equally important contribution to the economy as well as to the environment. The infrastructure of the location in Bernburg offers an ideal framework for our production. Qualified experts, perfect transport networks and the vicinity to our partner Novelis in Nachterstedt will help us in working profitably and sustainably for a long time.“

The Mayor of Bernburg (Saale), Henry Schütze, also focused on the attractivenessof the location Bernburg for the settling of international industrial companies: “Before the company decided to build the plant here, the state government of Saxony-Anhalt, the Investment and Marketing Corporation and the Economic Development Office of the City of Bernburg (Saale) worked together and supported the company intensively in its decision-making process. The quality of the location offer, the infrastructure and the project support for different location topics provided by the stakeholders of the state and the city were crucial factors in the decision in favour of our site.”

The state-of-the-art plant will be developed and operated using the safest and most sustainable technologies and entails significant benefits for the environment. The plant in Bernburg will take a leading role in the recycling of aluminum, producing 90.000 tons of aluminum alloys per year. On site, the scrap metall is directly made into aluminum in form of casts ingots or liquids which are then sold to customers. The recycling of aluminum has a remarkable ecological footprint: recycling scrap aluminum, only consumes five per cent of the energy that is needed in producing primary aluminum.

Major customers of recycled aluminum come from the automobile and packaging industry. Most important business partner for Befesa Bernburg is the US-American aluminum-producer Novelis, with their existing rolling mill and their planned recycling plant in Nachterstedt. Befesa and Novelis agreed in September 2014 for Befesa to recycle the aluminium-residues from Nachterstedt.

Already in June 2013, the former owning company Abengoa had sold Befesa to Triton. In November 2013 construction for the smelter plant in Bernburg was commissioned for a sum of 30 million Euro.

About Befesa:

Befesa is a multinational company which is specialized in the field of waste management. The company operates several plants in Europe, North-, South- and Middle-America, Turkey, the Middle East and China. Most of the European plants are situated in Spain and Germany. Befesa was acquired by Triton in 2013. Triton has actively supported Befesa’s growth since the acquisition. Befesa is market leader in the field of the production of aluminium alloys and salt slag treatment. The most important fields of application of these aluminium alloys are the automobile industry and packaging products.

2013 Befesa’s sales reached 628,7 million Euro. With 1.876 employees worldwide, 406 works in the division of aluminum recycling and treatment of salt slags. Each year, Befesa disposes more than 2,2 million tons of wastes, with the creation of recycled material amounts to approximately 1,3 million tons.

About Triton:

Die Triton Fonds sind spezialisiert auf Investitionen in mittelständische Unternehmen in Nordeuropa mit Sitz in Deutschland, der Schweiz, Österreich und den vier nordischen Ländern Dänemark, Finnland, Norwegen und Schweden. In dieser Region konzentriert sich Triton auf drei Kernbereiche: Industrie, Dienstleistungen und Konsumgüter/Gesundheitswesen. Seit seiner Gründung 1997 handelt Triton entlang des zentralen Grundsatzes, die Marktposition seiner Portfoliounternehmen als aktiver Gesellschafter nachhaltig auszubauen. Ziel ist es, die operative Leistungsfähigkeit der Portfoliounternehmen zu erhöhen und deren Wachstum zu fördern. Momentan befinden sich 26 Unternehmen mit einem Umsatz von insgesamt rund 13 Milliarden Euro und über 55.000 Mitarbeitern im Portfolio von Triton. Die Triton Fonds werden von erfahrenen Investment-Professionals mit Sitz in Deutschland, Schweden, Großbritannien, Luxemburg und Jersey beraten. Weitere Informationen über Triton finden Sie im Internet unter

Befesa Aluminium Germany inaugurates Aluminum-recycling plant in Bernburg (Saale)
Befesa Aluminium Germany inaugurates Aluminum-recycling plant in Bernburg (Saale)