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Abengoa enters the South Korean steel dust recycling market

Abengoa has reached an agreement to acquire 100% of the South Korean company Hankook R&M


Abengoa opens the new sulfur recovery plant in the Port of Bilbao

The plant has the capacity to treat 120,000 tons of sulfur and produce 350,000 tons of sulfuric acid and oleum in an efficient, sustainable and safe way.


Fuel from rubbish?

Abengoa and Seville city council have signed an agreement to promote the conversion of waste into fuel.


Abengoa meets the South Korean Deputy Minister of the Economy, Cho Seok, after signing the agreement to acquire 55% of Hankook R&M

Local and national institutions have highlighted the benefits that the technological and financial investment will bring to the city of Gyeongju, as well as to the country’s steel industry.


Abengoa enters the South Korean market with industrial waste recycling business

The investment involves the acquisition of the South Korean firm Hankook R&M, which specializes in steel dusts waste recycling. The acquisition will be made through Abengoa’s German industrial waste recycling division.


Befesa publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility Report meeting the requirements of the GRI application level A+.

PwC conducted the verification of the report with a reasonable level of assurance under ISAE 3000.


Befesa’s industrial waste center in Nerva is fundamental to Huelva’s industry and employment

Befesa presents its Environmental Declaration supported by the President of the CEA and the companies of the Polo Químico chemicals complex.


Befesa Aluminio starts up its new facilities of R&D

The new center has an area of 250 m2 and will give a transversal service to the whole business unit (aluminum recycling, salt slag recycling and sale of machinery and technology)