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25th Anniversary of Befesa Zinc Duisburg

In September 2012 Befesa Zinc Duisburg GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary. The waelz kiln plant in Duisburg recovering Zinc from basically EAF dust and other zinc bearing materials has become independent from the former zinc smelter in September 1987. With the formation of this entity the plant became the first production facility of the B.U.S Group.

In the past 25 years the plant has been going through several technical changes and modifications. In the beginning 90ies the first precipitation for dioxines, furanes and mercury was installed in Duisburg. The basic experience in this operation was the pathfinder for all further developments regarding optimization of the off gas quality in Waelz kiln technology.

The plant was forced to reengineer the whole facility again in the early 2000.

With a total €12 M investment program, the plant was reengineered until 2004, investing in filter technology, pelletizing plant, silo and bulk storage capacity and process control.

With only 48 people on site we are serving a full year round operation ensuring for our customers a 24 hours service to treat their 90.000 t of residues, representing dust from some 6 Mt of steel. We do this in cooperation with Befesa Steel Services and our colleagues from the other waelz kiln plants in France, Spain and Germany.

The whole operations is looking forward in the next 25 years being part of the Befesa team recovering zinc from secondary residues and give our best for the sustainable world.

Bird’s-eye view of Befesa Zinc Duisburg

Bird’s-eye view of Befesa Zinc Duisburg