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Befesa participates in the enhancement project for the emblematic Plaza de España (Spain Square), Seville (Spain)

Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla (Emasesa), the company that manages supply and treatment of the city’s water resources, has awarded Befesa a contract to install a water treatment system for the moat in Plaza de España (Spain Square).

The project will result in availability of water of suitable quality to allow the moat to be utilized as a boating pond where there will be different species of fish, freshwater tortoises and birds. The treatment process will also allow the water to be reused to irrigate Maria Luisa Park and to supply the city of Seville’s non-potable water network.

The capacity of the treatment station will be 150 cubic meters/hour, consisting of three 50 cubic meters/hour vertical and enclosed sand filters, at two to five bar service pressure. The reagent utilized will be sodium hypochlorite. It will serve for maintenance of the sand filters and maintenance of the moat water and the irrigation water as well.

Plaza de España was the most emblematic project executed for the 1929 Ibero-American Expo held in Seville. It is in Maria Luisa Park - 340,000 square meters - and its artistic and botanical features have made it a cultural symbol of the city of Seville. The square (Monument) and the park (Historic Garden) are protected by the Ministry of Culture as part of Spain’s historic patrimony. Seville Town Hall has launched an integral recovery program for the Square which has deteriorated significantly over the years.

For Befesa, this project represents its participation in the recovery and enhancement of one of the city of Seville’s most emblematic possessions.