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SEPIDES promotes environmental project in collaboration with Befesa Plásticos

Madrid, 21 May 2009. SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial (SEPIDES), part of Grupo SEPI, has formalised its participation in a new environmental project by granting a €2.0 million participation loan to Befesa Plásticos, S.L.

The project, which involves a total investment of more than €5.0 million, aims to promote a scheme in Alhama de Murcia (Spain) to research and develop new methods for manufacturing polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre waste from the residues from glass production, as well as from recycling consumed glass fibre, which is currently thrown away.

The project will prevent the emission of 900 to 1,100 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere for every tonne of recycled glass fibre waste and it will achieve energy savings equivalent to 400 kilos of oil/tonne. Furthermore, it will allow the industrial automotive and domestic appliance sectors, among others, to recycle plastic materials from dismantling obsolete vehicles.

Befesa Plásticos, part of Befesa Medio Ambiente, manufactures special low density polythene chippings from recycled plastic film used in greenhousing. The chippings are used in diverse applications such as the manufacture of plastic films for construction (waterproofing and protection), irrigation pipes, electrical sheathing and for producing modified asphalts, among others. It is one of the only companies with the capacity to carry out the complete recycling cycle, from collection through to product manufacturing, for which it has a plant capable of recycling 15,000 tonnes of used plastics every year producing 12,000 tonnes of chippings.

The new plant will cover approximately 2,400 square metres on a site of 6,000 square metres, which will include the fibre glass warehousing and pre-treatment area, the loading bays, weighing scales, parking and a small building for offices and an R&D and quality control laboratory. The plant is expected to employ 12 people.

SEPIDES, a subsidiary of Grupo SEPI, promotes business activities primarily in under-privileged areas, participating in private initiatives that contribute new investment and generate employment and which are principally related to environmental and technological activities.

Befesa, the environmental services subsidiary of Abengoa, focuses on providing environmental services to industry and the construction of environmental infrastructures. It is a public listed company with a market capitalisation in excess of €325 million (close 2008). (