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Befesa Agua awarded reverse osmosis pilot plant construction contract by Consorcio de Aguas de Tarragona

Consorcio de Aguas de Tarragona (CAT), the body responsible for water collection, treatment and distribution in the province has awarded Befesa Agua the construction contract for a reverse osmosis pilot plant to be built next to L’Ampolla drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) to correct the plant’s output water mineralization problems.

The episodes of natural high mineralization, in sulfates and chlorides above all, of the water collected by CAT have been worsening gradually as regards peak values and duration. This situation, together with that of the sub-products of inorganic nature generated during the existing treatment process, could endanger compliance with the legislation in force and, therefore, assurance of a drinkable water supply.

The objective of the reverse osmosis pilot plant to be installed at L’Ampolla DWTP is to allow the obtaining of data that may be extrapolated to allow design of a future 150,000 m3/day capacity (enlargeable to 250,000 m3) industrial facility.

The pilot plant will treat 11.5 m3/hour of the DWTP output water and will eliminate between 90 and 95% of the dissolved salts in the same. The demineralized water flow will be 95% of the pilot plant input flow: that is to say, the rejection will only be 5%.

The future industrial facility, to be designed on the basis of the pilot plant results, will treat only half of the DWTP output water which will be mixed with the rest of the non-demineralized drinking water. The resulting flow for distribution will be within the legally allowed parameters.

This contract adds to Befesa Agua’s already vast experience in reverse osmosis water treatment processes, which allows it to offer solutions adapted to specific problems.