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The Basque Government awards Befesa the Elantxobe Port (Biscay, Spain) upgrading works contract

The Basque Government, through its Department of Transport and Public Works – responsible for matters relating to transportation and hydraulic infrastructures in the autonomous region - has awarded Befesa Agua, under a JV with Construcciones Intxausti, the more than 1.8 million euro contract for an energy dissipater element and a quay at the outer dock of Elantxobe Port, in Biscay (Spain).

The contracted works are part of a series of activities the Basque Government is undertaking to remodel the port’s facilities and include expansion of the existing ground surface area.

The works comprise reclaiming around 400 m2 of the outer dock basin to construct a slipway and repair area, and include installation of a crane for vessel hoisting activities and the corresponding quay. The works also include expansion of the access and walkway areas, and construction of a 1,200 m2 energy dissipation and recreation area aimed at reducing the level of agitation inside the port.

For Befesa, this is a singular project as regards hydraulic references and a step forward in consolidating its activities related with port works.