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Befesa is confident Nerva Town Council will grant the license to expand its facilities in Nerva

Nerva (Huelva), December 10, 2008. The manager of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales, Santiago Ortiz, indicated today that the Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA) granted by the Regional Government of Andalusia to the Nerva Center contains all the information the local Town Council requires to grant the license to enable expansion of the facilities. Santiago Ortiz stated that this resolution emitted by the Council for the Environment endorses the new phase of the project and, therefore, "it is more than sufficient to enable the municipal authorities to meet their commitment and grant the appropriate license."

Befesa’s manager said that the "IEA summarizes all the modifications that have been made to the original project over the last few years and is endorsed by the competent Administration". Furthermore, his appreciation was positive of the statement made by the councilor for the Environment, Cinta Castillo, when she said that "the expansion is nothing new and the next logical step, following concession of the IEA, is for the Town Council to grant the license".

These assessments follow yesterday’s meeting of the Monitoring Commission at which the majority of its members expressed their opposition to the license being granted. Befesa’s manager said that the decision of this body, set up by the Town Council, is not binding and that he is confident Nerva Town Council will comply with current legislation in the concession process of the license the company has applied for to execute the expansion of the Industrial Waste Center, which was part of the original project drawn up for the facilities.

Santiago Ortiz rejected the accusations made by some members of the Commission against Befesa in relation to a lack of transparency. He reminded everyone that, back in 2007, the office of the public prosecutor of Huelva shelved all the accusations made by ecologists and by the Independent Party of Huelva. Furthermore the whole documentation relative to the processing of the IAE has expired with all the legal period established of public exhibition in those who should have carried out the opportune allegations.

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