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Befesa signs an important agreement with Outokumpu to treat the stainless steel powder from its plant in Tornio (Finland)

Befesa’s Steel and Galvanization Recycling business unit has signed an agreement with Outokumpu to treat, at the Befesa Valera facility in Gravelines (France), 30,000 tons of historic filter powder stock from its stainless steel plant in Tornio (Finland).

Outokumpu, an international Finnish company, is one of the major producers of stainless steel and is also a reference in technological support of this industry and metals. Its stainless steel plant in Tornio is the Group’s largest.

The Befesa Valera plant has two furnaces with stainless steel powder treatment capacity of 120,000 tons per year. The process employed to recycle this type of powder is the submerged arc furnace. With this steel powder supply contract, full functioning of the plant at total capacity will be guaranteed.

In the submerged arc process, the steel powder is dampened, stored, shaped into briquettes with additives, and then restored. Subsequently, the briquettes are transferred to the furnace together with coke and slag forming agents. The furnace is bled several times a day and the metal and slags are separated by gravity.

Stainless steel is rust-resistant, strong, durable and recyclable. These properties are leading to its ever-increasing use in all types of industries and make it a key to a sustainable future. Befesa manages common steel and stainless steel waste, as well as galvanization process waste, in an environment-friendly manner.

Plant in Tornio (Finland)