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Organization changes in Befesa Agua

A series of organization changes are being implemented within the business unit in order to continue the development of our Strategic Plan. These changes can be summarized as follows:

  • Befesa Fluidos is going to be integrated into Befesa CTA and, therefore, its personnel and all its material resources will become part of this last society. As a consequence of the same, Befesa Fluidos will cease to exist as a company and the industrial water activity, including existing and future contracts, will be developed by Befesa CTA.
  • Simultaneously, the name (trade name) of Befesa Construcción y Technología Ambiental has changed to Befesa Agua to better identify the company with its activity, as was done before with Abensur, the previous trade name of Befesa CTA.

As a consequence of the above, the business unit will comprise on the home market of Befesa Agua; with Codesa, as the trade mark for its activity focuses on Andalucía, Extremadura, and Castilla La Mancha; Procesos Ecológicos Vilches and IHSA (Cerrato Working Fall); also our participation in Agua y Gestión. Abroad, the unit will continue to include its existing affiliate and subsidiary companies and permanent offices (India, China, Algeria, Morocco, Nicaragua, and Ecuador), as well as any future establishments that may be set up.

The new Befesa Agua organization charts, at company and department level, are attached hereto.

Guillermo Bravo Mancheño