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Befesa completes integration of BUS group with a name change

Madrid 22 November 2007. Last year Befesa, the environmental services subsidiary of Abengoa, signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of B.U.S Group AB. One year on, and Befesa’s integration of the firm is complete.

Befesa is an international company specialising in the integral management of industrial wastes and the generation and management of water. Last year the company treated 2.5 million tonnes of industrial waste. It also has the capacity to desalinate 1.1 million cubic metres of water a day, equivalent to supplying water to more than 4.8 million people.

Befesa’s industrial waste management activity is divided into three business areas: integral environmental services for industry, aluminium waste recycling, and steel and galvanised waste recycling. The latter area is where BUS operates, with activities that encompass ordinary steel waste treatment and recycling, stainless steel waste treatment and recycling, as well as recycling and treating wastes from galvanisation processes. These three business areas are served by a logistics, product services and marketing area (waste management and licences) that has been created.

The operational plants of Duisburg and Freiberg (Germany), together with the 50 percent owned Recytech and Asúa-Erandio (Spain), comprise Befesa’s businesses in recycling ordinary steel waste. The plants in Gravelines (France) and Landskrona (Sweden) comprise the stainless steel recycling activities, and the plants in Sondika and Amorebieta (Spain) are the operations in the galvanisation waste recycling area. Befesa also has two companies, Befesa Zinc Comercial and Befesa Steel Services, which provide services to the operational units.

The integration process involved the adaptation of the B.U.S structure, the implementation of Befesa’s common management systems, the start of the wind-up process of the holding companies of the old group, including parent company B.U.S Group AB, and has culminated in a change of the company names of the B.U.S operating companies.

The new names of the companies are therefore:

New names of the companies
New names of the companies
B.U.S Steel Services GmbHBefesa Steel Services GmbH
B.U.S Metall GmbHBefesa Zinc Duisburg GmbH
B.U.S Zinkrecycling GmbH & Co. KGBefesa Zinc Freiberg GmbH & Co. KG
B.U.S Valera SASBefesa Valera SAS
B.U.S ScanDust ABBefesa ScanDust AB

The new organisation will allow the foundations to be laid to expand the different activities and to adapt the structure of the business areas to support this growth as well as increasing the value that can be contributed to our clients, offering them the environmental services that they demand.

Befesa, the environmental services subsidiary of Abengoa, focuses on providing industrial environmental services and constructing environmental infrastructures. It is a public listed company with a market capitalisation in excess of 813 million euros (close 2006) (