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Befesa participates at the Ciemat Technology Encounter

The Energy, Environmental and Technological Research Centre (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas, Ciemat), which is attached to the Ministry of Education and Science, has organised a series of technological encounters with workshops aimed at all members of the national innovation system who are interested in presenting the results of their R&D activities. The workshop entitled "Solar energy and water. Problems and technological possibilities" took place on 13 June.

The purpose of the workshop was to stimulate debate based on an analysis of the existing problems and the available technological solutions, among all of the participants involved in the development, application and use of water technologies, in order to analyse the possibilities that technologies based on the use of solar energy have in this field as well as the principal existing limitations and barriers.

Befesa participated with a talk entitled "Development and lines of application of desalination with renewable energies" given by Arturo Buenaventura. Arturo described the shortage of water resources and how desalination can form part of the solution, placing special emphasis on the use of renewable energies as the energy source for the desalination process.

He also presented the preliminary results of the analysis that is being undertaken by the DeReDes R&D project "Development of Desalination with Renewable Energies" (www.befesa-cta/deredes/) which aims to promote business activity in the field of desalination using renewable energies in the design, installation and maintenance of systems. This project, managed by Befesa, was begun in April 2006 with a expected duration of 20 months and is supported by the Profit program. The Canary Islands Technological Institute (Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias) is also collaborating as well as Ciemat (the Almería solar platform) and the Universidad de la Laguna.

In addition to Ciemat, this series of encounters will also involve the Community of Madrid and the Environmental and Energy Technologies Innovation Circle (Círculo de Innovación en Tecnologías Medioambientales y Energía). Other participants in the workshop included the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, the Universidad de la Laguna, Ecosystem and Ciemat itself through Julián Blanco, director of the Almería solar platform.

Ciemat Technology Encounter