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Befesa participates in the Business and Initiatives Forum of Vigo’s Financial Club

On 14 May 2007 the Business and Initiatives Forum of the Vigo Financial Club organised the conference entitled "New Trends in Innovation: the Management of Industrial Wastes" as part of the research and innovation lectures program.

The conference studied and analysed the solutions that are being used to prevent the damage that the increase in industrial waste production is causing to the environment. Appropriate management of these types of waste can lead to an increase in productivity and a decrease in emissions, as well as providing an important business opportunity.

The conference was divided into two parts: an analysis of the situation by experts and an analysis based on real business experience. Apolinar Abascal Montes from Befesa gave an address in the latter part entitled "Trends in Industrial Waste Management and Industrial Cleaning". As well as outlining Befesa’s role, Apolinar described the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for companies in the waste management and industrial treatment market.

He also discussed the medium term outlook, the evolution of technologies, and industrial cleaning and management processes. Other subjects that he covered included the techniques that the Cleaning Division of Befesa’s industrial waste management area has developed for decontaminating soils, hydrodynamic cleaning, the automated tank cleaning system, chemical cleaning, and catalysts and mobile plants for treating sludge.

The research and innovation lectures program is also supported by the Department of Innovation and Industry of the regional government of Galicia. These conferences were also participated by Sogarisa (the Galician industrial waste company), Grupo Toysal and the Department of the Environment and Sustainable Development.