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Cristina Narbona visits the Duero river basin’s Automatic Hydrological Information System (SAIH) control center in Valladolid

On May 17, the minister for the Environment, Cristina Narbona, visited what will be the future Control Center for the river Duero basin. The project is being executed under a joint venture by Befesa, Telvent and Ferrovial.

On the occasion of this visit, almost all the authorities from Castile and Leon region’s hydraulic sector attended: the Duero Hydrographic Confederation, lead by its President, Antonio Gato, accompanied by its Technical Manager, Liana Ardiles, her assistant, Daniel Sanz, and Project Managers, Pedro Matia and Jose Manuel Llorente. The event was also attended by the General Manager of the company Aguas del Duero, Jaime Herrero, and other noteworthy individuals from the political sector.

Befesa was represented by Valentín Estefanell, Juan Ignacio García de Miguel, and Jose Enrique González Baena.

This system will fulfill a double objective. It will enhance the management of the hydric resources and allow prevention and action in the event of flooding. It is a basic data system that will capture the basin’s hydrological and hydraulic variables, transmit them in real-time via satellite, process them and present them in a format that will be accessible to all users of the data.

The project includes a Basin Control Center in Valladolid, and five Data Presentation Centers in Salamanca, Leon, Burgos, Zamora and the city of Valladolid itself. These centers will receive satellite transmission of the data recorded at the control points that are being installed throughout the basin. These include:

  • 97 gauging stations on rivers
  • 16 control frameworks on rivers as they flow through the cities
  • 45 gauging stations on canals
  • The instrumentation for 27 dams
  • 84 rain-gauges, of which 59 are rain and snow gauges (they measure both solid and/or liquid precipitation), distributed throughout the basin’s mountainous area.

Finally, 13 tele-snow gauges are also being installed. These measure snow volume and density thereof.

This system is a fundamental tool for attaining real-time hydric data on the basin and a compulsory reference that must be utilized in advance of any decision taking in day-to-day management and in flood situations. Also in the future it could be use to provide complementary information of interest such as data on water quality, and for remote operation of dam and canal valves and sluice gates.

The data will be available on a web server f the Duero Hydrographic Confederation’s website, which can also be accessed through the Ministry of the Environment’s website.

With this project Abengoa, through Befesa and Telvent, consolidates its leading position in this sector in which references commenced with the river Guadalquivir SAIH, and subsequent expansion and maintenance contracts.