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Befesa GRI’s Cleaning Division organized a Production Analysis Colloquium in Madrid

With the aim of analyzing the year gone by and presenting novelties for 2007, Befesa GRI’s Cleaning Division organized a colloquium on January 25, in Madrid, which was attended by regional managers and Production Chiefs.

The result of the Division’s activity in 2006 has been very positive although the intensity thereof gave rise to certain important challenges. The launching of important projects throughout the home territory required the mobilization of resources from all the Division’s 9 regional offices and the organizing of multidisciplinary teams that completed more than 40% of the more than 460,000 overall man/hours dedicated to activities during plant stoppages and project execution outside their regional territories. Of note were the integral slop-oil extraction and management projects, cleaning projects, dismantling and waste management projects, tank cleaning operations, and works during stoppages at large facilities. The special activities: catalysts, chemical cleaning and mobile plant, finished the year with significant growth rates.

Some novelties for 2007 were also presented during the sessions. In the new technology areas, the new equipment purchased during the last quarter of 2006 was presented and the same will be complemented with new investments in 2007, basically in equipment that minimizes the need for personnel to operate in confined spaces (a new tank cleaning unit and new slop-oil extraction unit), modular cleaning equipment and mobile plant. As regards internal organization, the newly incorporated Equipment and Maintenance Management Department was presented. Its objectives are to optimize equipment management by allocating the same according to demand, systemize the maintenance of the equipment pool, centralize project and investment management and coordinate the execution of important projects. Moreover, given the growing interest that has been detected, work has commenced on the structuring of an International Projects Unit which will focus on studying foreign market projects which has already resulted in the awarding of the first projects and invitations to bid from abroad.

In the Human Resource Safety and Management area, the colloquium included the participation of speakers from GIRH and Befesa GRI’s Quality, Safety and Environmental Department. The speakers from GIRH presented a practical paper on the modalities for contracting, personnel management, production organization and singular aspects of human resource management applied to the cleaning activity. In the Safety field, the indicators for 2006 were presented along with an indication of the aspects that require improvement. Furthermore, legislative novelties and the responsibilities of the mid-level officials and site supervisors were analyzed.

All attendees participated actively in what was a very beneficial colloquium.