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Befesa signs agreement with freight companies to intensify safety during the transfer of wastes to the Nerva and Palos de la Frontera centers

Seville, March 19, 2007. Befesa, the parent company of Abengoa’s Environmental Services Business Unit, signed a collaboration agreement today with several freight agencies and companies to increase safety measures during the transportation of industrial wastes to its Nerva and Palos de la Frontera centers. Under the agreement, the carriers commit themselves to developing their activity within a framework of good practices that respect the environment and public health.

Befesa’s general manager, Santiago Ortiz, signed the agreement with each of the groups involved at the company’s headquarters in Seville. Pursuant to the signed document, all the parties involved undertake to adopt new measures in relation to road safety matters, based essentially on continuous training of the sector’s professionals. This will result in "constant renovation of mechanical and technological means" that redounds to the enhancement of waste transfer conditions by road.

The signing agencies and companies of this five-year duration good practices agreement are: Cooperativa del Puerto de Huelva, Bizarro Duarte, Transportes Evaristo Luis, Transportes Elsanz, Contratas y Movimientos Andaluces S.A.L, Mauri e Hijos S.A., Transvega, and Transmol.

The circulation of trucks loaded with wastes for Befesa’s plants is subject to strict regulations that require Public Administration being informed of the incidents that might occur in Andalusia. The protocol followed is the Emergency Plan for Transportation which establishes the measures required for fast and efficient action in such an event.

The truck incident rate en-route to the facilities is very low: from 1998 to 2006, only seven incidents were registered as against 110,000 deliveries to the Nerva Center. Nonetheless, with the agreements signed today, both the freight companies and Befesa aim at improving safety assurance.

The function of the Nerva and Palos de la Frontera centers is essential as they minimize the effects of the current development model that generates a large amount of environmental contamination wastes. Thanks to an integral treatment system implemented for these wastes, environmental damage is greatly reduced.

The 140-hectare Nerva center came into operation in 1998 and has managed 1,835,000 tons of waste since. On the other hand, the Palos de la Frontera facility has been operating since 1990 and was initially established by the then Environmental Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia. Since 2005, Befesa is the 100% proprietor of the 15,000-square meter facility located in the Nuevo Puerto industrial estate. To date, some 1,066,000 tons of waste have been treated there.