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Befesa presents the AENOR validated Environmental Statements for Nerva and Palos de la Frontera industrial waste centers

Huelva, February 2, 2007. – Today, Befesa has presented the environmental statements for Nerva and Palos de la Frontera industrial waste centers, validated by the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), in recognition of the environmental management systems the company has implemented at these facilities and their compliance with the requirements of the European Regulation 761/2001 (EMAS). The statements, which were submitted during the course of last year – correspond to the 2005 trading year and represent a commitment to information transparency, given that the elaboration of these declarations is voluntary.

The declarations have been presented at a ceremony held in the HQ of the Huelva Businessmen’s Federation, which was attended by Befesa’s general manager, Santiago Ortiz, and the managers of the Nerva and Palos de la Frontera centers, Nicolas Chaves and Carmen Figal, respectively. AENOR’s positive report supports the company’s environmental policy at these two centers dedicated to the collection, storage, treatment and disposal of wastes generated by industries in Spain and Portugal.

Environmental protection is incorporated into the daily management of Befesa’s facilities, not only through compliance with the legislation in force and subjection to the control of the competent bodies, but also through constant innovation in prevision of future standards. The certification by AENOR is verification of the control and tracking program for environmental aspects, which is characterized by the adoption of measures regarding hydric discharges, land contamination, noise and vibrations, inmissions to the atmosphere and landscape affectation, among others.

Befesa’s environmental policy is based on continuous improvement of pollution prevention, which involves period revision of the objectives established in relation thereto. The involvement of the workforce and providers is a fundamental key in the company’s philosophy.

The Nerva center was brought into operation in1998. Its extension is 140 hectares and since it commenced activities it has managed 1,835,000 tons of waste. On the other hand, the Palos de la Frontera facility is operating since 1990 and was initially set up by the then Environmental Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia. Since January 2006, Befesa if the 100% proprietor of the facilities, located in Nuevo Puerto industrial estate and occupying a surface area of almost 15,000 square meters. Up until now, it has treated 1,066,000 tons of waste.

Throughout 2006, Befesa, with operations in more than 17 countries, managed more than 2,536,000 tons of waste, of which more than 1,297,000 tons were dedicated to the production of new materials by recycling. In addition, it increased its desalination capacity to more than one million cubic meters of water per day, sufficient to supply a population of more than 4.8 million.

Befesa, Abengoa’s environmental services subsidiary, focuses its activity on providing environmental services for industry and the construction of environmental infrastructures. It is a listed company and closed the 2006 financial year with treasury stock of more than 693 million euro. (