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Befesa participates in the “Freshwater” Conference

On October 12, Befesa participated in the “Freshwater” Conference organized by the company UBS, under the heading “Water scarcity: the defining crisis of the 21st century”. The growing demand for water during the second half of the last century has demonstrated that there is an ever-increasing scarcity of water and this may be seen by the reduction in river flows, and the disappearance of lakes. These scarcity problems have been aggravated by climate change, the growth in population size, and the impact of the industry and they are having a negative affect on industrial activities. Investments in water technology could be the driving force of good economic growth, while also enabling the attainment of sustainable development.

At the conference, attended by experts from industry and large leading corporations in leading-edge management technologies, solutions, strategies and best practices for responsible water management were established. In addition, the conference provided attending investors with the opportunity to meet with experts on the subject.

Befesa was represented at this forum by Carlos Cosin, director general of Befesa CTA’s international division, who presented a paper based on the solutions the company has been developing to solve the water problem in regions where meteorological conditions have made access thereto difficult. Befesa CTA’s activities have focused on the construction and operation of infrastructures, and the providing of services for the integral water cycle and waste management. Befesa currently has 13 desalination plants that operate with reverse osmosis technology. They produce 1,060 cubic meters of water per day and supply a population of more than 4.5 million.