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Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales participates in the Environment Sessions organized by Ragace

On November 22, Alvaro de Rojas, Befesa's non-hazardous waste officer, participated in the sessions on the environment in graphic arts organized by Ragace, "Red de Artes Gráficas Andaluzas para la Cooperación Empresarial".

The event revealed the real needs of a sector, that of graphic arts, which is very widespread and susceptible to improvements from an environmental point of view. One must not forget that knowledge of the sector's concerns and needs allows Befesa to innovate, develop and apply technologies focused on improvement and sustainable development of its business, which is none other than waste management.

The sessions demonstrated that the amount of hazardous wastes managed by graphic companies has been increasing slightly over recent years. However, the increase is nor representative of the interest shown by the attendees. There is a conflict between compliance with environmental obligations and the enterprise's balance sheet. The industries are now going through a phase of interior environmental awareness, and are finding it difficult to transfer it to the balance sheet of an enterprise that, as in the case of many others, is suffering from a drop in margins year after year. Therefore, one of the objectives that has to be set is to try to exclude those that are devaluating the sector through bad environmental practices, and also preventing growth with their low price policies, from the market

We possess the environmental certificates required as a tool to make the sector more selective. There are also agreements between Advisers specialized in Graphic Arts and Certifiers that can contribute to "homologating" the sector in environmental matters. This would result in the application of correct environmental practices being an element that would differentiate an enterprise from the unfair competitor and would force the latter into regulating its processes or, in the end, having to close up shop. In this respect, the participation of waste managers is necessary to ensure that the collection, transportation and final disposal of the waste is done in an authorized manner while also enabling the maintenance of the management system and, above all, the sustainable development of the graphic arts sector.

Environment Sessions organized by Ragace