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Petronor awards Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales a hydrodynamic cleaning contract to be executed with suction-blow pump trucks

Befesa Tratamientos y Limpiezas Industriales has signed a one-year contract, extendable to three years, with Petróleos del Norte, S.A. to perform hydrodynamic cleaning works at its refinery in Muskiz (Biscay). The contract value is estimated at between 250,000 and 300,000 euro a year and the cleaning activities will be done with suction-blow pump trucks, the pressure of which is conditioned by the work to be executed.

Befesa Tratamientos y limpiezas Industriales has been providing its services at this refinery for some years now. The same have been increasing over time to adapt to the customer’s needs. In the case of this specific contract, which has historically been awarded to Befesa, a workload of approximately 2,000 hours for a dual-type truck is involved, but this could vary depending on the needs of Petronor.

Suction-drive trucks will be utilized for the contracted hydrodynamic cleaning works. However, as an open contract has been signed and is, therefore, subject to demand, both trucks fitted with a 150 HP pump (most often requested) and those fitted with a 300 HP pump and working pressure up to 1,000 bar, could be utilized. The scope of the work covers, basically, the cleaning of rainwater collection networks, the cleaning of different lines and any other mechanical cleaning service that might be requested by the refinery’s management personnel. This, on occasions, includes the providing of support services under other contracts in force at the refinery.