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The Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Maritime Development awards Befesa the collector works contract for the river Sar, in Santiago de Compostela (La Coruña)

The Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Maritime Development has awarded Befesa, through its Directorate General of Water, the more than 20 million euro river Sar general interceptor collector works project corresponding to the section between Pontepedriña and Silvouta treatment plant in Santiago de Compostela (La Coruña).

This project is part of the Ministry A.G.U.A. Program (Actions for Water Management and Reuse) which includes actions to improve water management and supply to meet existing and future needs to allow economic, social and environmental sustainability of regions.

The objective’s of the project is to remodel the existing sewer system and control the storm waters that discharge into the river Sar on the afore-mentioned section, to incorporate the existing direct discharges to the secondary collector network. This is the second expansion and replacement phase of the old Santiago sewer network. Another objective is to solve the problem of drain overflows when rainfall is very heavy.

The hydraulic project comprises the construction of 9.5 km of collectors, half of which will correspond to the interceptor; the installation of six storm water spillways; four flow control collection boxes; and a special connection to the collector that discharges into the river Sarela.

In spite of the fact that the works contemplated in the project are to be developed in Santiago, the same will benefit the region of Ames as it is the most bordering municipality. Four other local areas (Padron, Rois, Dodro, and Brion) bathed by the river’s waters will also benefit. The project will thus benefit an overall population of almost 150,000.