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Befesa First Quarter 2018 Earnings Webcast-
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Investor Relations Update - June 20181.5 MB
Befesa First Quarter 2018 Earnings Presentation584 KB
Befesa Full Year 2017 Earnings webcast17.65 MB
Befesa Full Year 2017 Earnings Presentation601 KB
Befesa Third Quarter 2017 Earnings Presentation405 KB
Befesa Second Quarter 2017 Earnings Presentation1.11 MB
Befesa First Quarter 2017 Earnings Presentation1.11 MB
Befesa Fiscal Year 2016 Earnings Presentation1.21 MB
Befesa Third Quarter 2016 Earnings Presentation1.23 MB
Befesa Second Quarter 2016 Earnings Presentation1.22 MB
Befesa First Quarter 2016 Earnings Presentation1.17 MB
Befesa Fiscal Year 2015 Earnings Presentation1.07 MB
Befesa 3Q 2015 Earnings Presentation1.05 MB
Befesa 2Q 2015 Earnings Presentation1.04 MB
Befesa 1Q 2015 Earnings Presentation871 KB
Befesa Fiscal Year 2014 Earnings Presentation956 KB
Befesa 3Q 2014 Earnings Presentation963 KB
Befesa 2Q 2014 Earning Presentation855 KB
Befesa First Quarter 2014 Earnings Presentation991 KB
Befesa Fiscal Year 2013 Earnings Presentation767 KB
Befesa Zinc Q3 2013 Results Presentation1.36 MB
Befesa Zinc H1 2013 Results Presentation1.51 MB
Befesa Zinc Q1 2013 Results Presentation1.54 MB
Befesa Zinc Q4 and FY 2012 Results Presentation8.48 MB
Befesa Zinc Q3 2012 Results Presentation1.9 MB
Befesa Zinc Q2 2012 Results Presentation968 KB
Befesa Zinc Q1 2012 Results Presentation892 KB
Befesa Zinc Q4 2011 Results Presentation1.04 MB
Befesa Zinc Q3 2011 Results Presentation1,000 KB
Befesa Zinc Q2 2011 Results Presentation175 KB
Befesa Zinc Q1 2011 Results Presentation192 KB