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Driver safety training

On November 08th 2012 the management team of Befesa Salzschlacke GmbH, representing the German salt slag plants in Hanover and Lünen, spend a full training day at the driver safety training compound of the German Automobile Association ADAC in Hanover Laatzen.

The compound offers various training options:

1 Circular orbit with curve gliding surface

2 Gliding surface with hydraulic plate

3 Dynamic module

4 Slope route with gliding surface

5 Motorbike area

6 Circular orbit with curve gliding surface

7 Gliding surface with hydraulic plate

8 Dynamic area

9 Off road area

10 Circuit

11 Action area

Driver safety training

Romantic walks in the snow, steaming “Glühwein” at the Christmas markets, atmospheric blaze of light – this is the one side of the cold season, which is currently reigning. But as a motorist you can easily experience a different side of the cold season such as slipperiness, ice or snow. The vehicle reacts unfamiliar and very quick the trip to the work place or to the customer become an unsafe glissade. In this case it is good to assess the weather conditions correctly and react skillful. A safe vehicle control through the driver and the knowledge of the driving physic forces, which influence the vehicle, was imparted in this winter special compact training.

The day started with a theoretical part obtaining information regarding special vehicle techniques like anti-lock braking system (ABS) or electronic stabilization program (ESP), which most of the modern cars are equipped with.

Practicing a safe vehicle control on ice or snow surfaces was simulated due to especially prepared areas with gliding surfaces and a water spray to keep the area wet. The simulation was very close to the reality of road conditions during winter times.

After a full day of theory and practicing of slalom course, braking and evading on wet and icy surfaces, hill-starting and driving through an icy curve the participants are well prepared for the winterly road conditions in Germany and will hopefully arrive always safe and accident-free at their destinations during their Befesa missions.

Avoiding an obstacle on icy road conditions

Avoiding an obstacle on icy road conditions

Cornering on freezing rain

Cornering on freezing rain