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Corporate support for Nerva’s charitable groups

Nerva (Huelva), 18 December 2012. The Nerva Industrial Waste Centre will donate €3,500 to support the charitable work of three organisations in this town in the Cuenca Minera region. Apolinar Abascal, the institutional relations manager of Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales (GRI) which manages this facility, today handed over the cheques to the local Red Cross group, the “Nerva Solidaria” Association for Solidarity with the Saharan People, and the “Athenea” Disabled Association.

Apolinar Abascal was accompanied by Nereida Pascual, manager of the Nerva centre, and representatives from the three associations: Mari Carmen Ferreira, vice-president of the “Nerva Solidaria” Association, José María Jiménez, president of the Red Cross in Nerva, and María Jesús Alonso, president of Athenea. The event took place at the headquarters of Athenea in the Sor Feliciana Social Centre.

In his speech, the institutional relations manager of Befesa GRI explained that the company “tries to actively work with those that dedicate a large part of their time to helping the most disadvantaged”. He also took the opportunity to wish everyone from the associations a happy Christmas and urged them to “keep up your charitable spirit, which is an example to the whole of society”.

Befesa also supports other organisations in Nerva every year including Nerva Football Club, the Marismillas Children’s Sports and Football Club, the Nerva cycling association, the Nerva Time Trial rally, the Epiphany Procession Association,

the “Pirulitos 81” Neighbourhood Association and the Manuel Rojas music conservatory.

The Nerva industrial waste centre has been contributing funds to local groups since 1998 and has provided around €170,000 in grants to date, including this year.

Corporate support for  Nerva’s charitable groups