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Befesa, invited to participate in the XV conference about aluminum in Middle East, "Arabal conference 2011"

With the subject: “Global Challenges for sustainable growth in the aluminium industry and the role of the Gulf Smelters, the 15th conference on aluminum in the Middle East, "Arabal", was celebrated in the Sultanate of Oman between the 13th and the 16th of November. Befesa was invited there to make a presentation on recycling in the aluminum industry. The event is organized yearly by the 7 companies at primary aluminum located in the Persian Gulf and Egypt. Nowadays, this region represents the 7% of world production of primary aluminum and, thanks to the construction projects of new plants and the expansion of the existents, it will reach a market share of 13% a medium term.

The conference was attended by over 400 delegates from the aluminum industry from 5 continents, including representatives of the main worldwide producers, such as Rio Tinto, represented by its president, Alcoa, Hydro, etc.

One of the most important challenges facing by this industry is the proper management of the waste that aluminum production involves. For that, Befesa offers its own technology, unique in the world, for integral recycling of aluminum slags, salt slags, electrolysis cells used (SPL), and other remainders, which has generated great interest among the producers in the area.

The presentation of Befesa, carried out by the general manager of the area of recycling of salt slags and SPL, Carlos Ruiz de Veye, has treated about the key points of recycling in the aluminum industry and the way that Befesa executes the 100% recycling of waste received. The exposition was received with great interest, seen the large number of questions which were formulated after it.

Carlos Ruiz de Veye, general manager of the area of Recycling of salt slags and SPL

Carlos Ruiz de Veye, general manager of the area of Recycling of salt slags and SPL