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Befesa Argentina participates in the Recycling Program promoted by Fundación Hospital de Pediatría Garrahan

Befesa Argentina supports childhood health and also protects the environment. All this, through a gesture committed to sustainability: recycling of paper and plastic bottle caps. The company joined to the Recycling Program sponsored by Fundación Hospital de Pediatría Garrahan in June 2011.

The priority goals of the campaign are to obtain funds to help to develope the Hospital de Pediatría Garrahan, which treats serious and complex problems related to health of children between 0 and 16 years, and protecting the environment through the promotion of habits according to sustainability development. Along with them, creating a solidary project with society as protagonist and the encouragement of strategic alliances between companies and institutions to promote new projects of social value are the main objectives.

The means of achieving these objectives are the recycling of paper and plastic bottle caps, whose recovery is an important action because of the environmental benefit that it represents and the educational work involved.

The collect by this campaign will be used in matters related to childhood health, as the support of the Casa Garrahan, a home for low-income children who live farther than 100 km and are in ambulatory treatment at any pediatric hospital in Buenos Aires. The purchase of technologically advanced medical equipment, such as those used in operating rooms and neonatology areas; the acquisition of formula milk and nappies; training doctors and nurses and social aid for low resources children are other destinations of the collect from this solidary project.

Facilities of Befesa Argentina

Facilities of Befesa Argentina