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Cepsa renews to Befesa the contract for the integral management of their workplaces's wastes

Cepsa adjudged to Befesa in October the framework contract for the integrated management of waste in its factories. It is expected that the agreement between Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales S.L., represented by D. Santiago Ortiz Domínguez, and the oil group lasts three years, which could be extended two years more, and its annual turnover is between 4,500,000 and € 5,000,000.

The contract covers the management of all hazardous and non hazardous wastes - except municipal solid wastes (MSW)-, debris and scrap of Cepsa's refineries sited in Tenerife, Gibraltar -San Roque y La Rábida, as well as the ones from the chemical plants of Palos de la Frontera, Guadarranque y Puente Mayorga. Befesa develops, also, the on-site treatment of sludge through centrifugal and the internal collection, classify and storage management in the centers of Algeciras, Huelva y Tenerife, as well as the collection of MSW within plants and in the dining room of the refinery at La Rábida.

The new contract extends the services provided to the treatment of oily sludge by centrifugation (10,000 m3/year) at the refinery in Tenerife, it will install a centrifuge plant in the center for this service; the MSW collection inside the plant and the dining at the refinery in La Rábida, which will increase the current fixed assets to € 239,000; and the waste management of the Steam Generating Plant (SGP) at the chemical plant in Guadarranque, which involves an increase of the current fixed assets to € 273,000.

For the waste management at the refinery sited in Tenerife, Befesa will subcontract Ecansa. On Cepsa factory, the Befesa staff will take the control and will arbitrate the dialogue between Ecansa and Cepsa.

Outside the framework contract, it is expected a turnover of € 200,000 in work in the area of ​​Campo de Gibraltar.

View of Cepsa Refinería Gibraltar – San Roque.

View of Cepsa Refinería Gibraltar – San Roque.