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Befesa welcomes B.U.S

On December 12, the city of Bilbao was the scene for Befesa's welcome to the management team of B.U.S., a European recycler of industrial wastes generated during the fabrication of ordinary and stainless steel, which has recently been acquired by Befesa. The reception was held in the Sheraton Hotel where a dinner attended by the management teams of both Befesa and B.U.S. was organized. The dinner served to establish the initial contacts between both teams and this was further consolidated next day with a visit to Befesa Zinc Aser's facilities.

The day commenced with presentation speeches and an introduction on the company: its values and internal policy. The first speech was given by Befesa's chairman, Javier Molina, who thanked B.U.S's management team for its presence in Bilbao and indicated his satisfaction at both teams having this opportunity to establish initial contacts. He then went on to make a presentation of Abengoa while indicating that Befesa is one of its business units, dedicated to providing environmental services. Subsequently, Befesa's vice-chairman, Manuel Barrenechea, explained the company's organization structure, its presence worldwide, and the main activities it conducts through its four business units: Aluminum Waste Recycling, Zinc Waste Recycling, Industrial Waste Management, and Environmental Engineering.

This was then followed by a presentation of B.U.S. given by Olivier Jäger, B.U.S's executive chairman. Mr. Olivier commenced by expressing his appreciation for the warm welcome received and then went on to explain B.U.S's current situation, its management in recent years, its structure and presence worldwide.

Theses speeches were brought to a close by Asier Zarraonandia, deputy director general of the Zinc Waste Recycling business unit management team, who focused on Befesa Zinc Aser as B.U.S. has been integrated into this business unit. He then provided a short summary of Abengoa's, and therefore Befesa's, internal management tools.

The presentation concluded with a guided tour of Befesa Zinc Aser's facilities where the recently installed new kiln and its control room were contemplated with great enthusiasm. The sessions have served to establish initial contacts between both management teams and pave the way to the commencement of joint operations.

The sessions have served to establish initial contacts between both management teams
Befesa welcomes B.U.S