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Befesa participated in the conference organised by the Institute for International Research

The Institute for International Research organized a series of conferences in Madrid on 26 and 27 September on the design and construction of water treatment plants. These conferences, which were designed primarily for operations concessions companies, the public administration and water management companies, were attended by Reyes Moreno representing Befesa, from the supply and purification department of Befesa Construcción y Tecnología Ambiental, who gave a talk entitled "How to put water treatment stations into operation?".

The talk was structured around five points. The introduction highlighted the initial tests that should be carried out at the facilities prior to activating the biological processes, since quality effluent is dependant on the activation process. The second point also focused on the initial tests and Reyes explained the hydraulic tests and the electro-mechanic equipment tests. Thirdly, he spoke of the water analysis describing the analyses themselves, the parameters that must be examined and he subsequently explained how the samples should be taken and how they should be preserved. In his fourth point he explained the activation process, distinguishing between the biological and the anaerobic digestion processes. Reyes Moreno ended his talk by presenting some complete case studies.

The conferences ended with a special session on leadership and the management of plant under construction which was given by the management of the conference organisers.